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Are you looking to sell your home? You are in the right place! Hi! My name is Carly, owner of LOVE. BUY. CREATE. HOME. and I purchase houses, ALL CASH, quick-close. Whether you are looking to sell the home you have owned for years, but you do not have the time, energy and/or cash to deal with the hassle of fixing it up, listing, showings, purchaser's lender requirements, appraisals, and lengthy repair requests; or you have inherited a home you cannot keep, but you want to ensure that it is handled with all the love that your family member would have wanted, I am your woman! I buy houses, all cash, quick-close AND I pay all traditional seller closing costs. You could have money for your home in less than a couple of weeks, instead of months, all while avoiding the cost, headache, and fees associated with a traditional sale. Read on to learn why LOVE. BUY. CREATE. HOME. is different. 

Why Sell to Buy. Love. Create. Home.?

I am honest, up-front, and want you know that this home matters to me as much as it does to you! What's more, I will make sure that your home is not just a "quick flip." Yes, your home will have some cosmetic changes or upgrades, at the very least, and will be sold to a new, happy family. The difference is the personal and caring touch I ensure goes into each and every home that comes into my life. These houses are meaningful to me - each home has a story. I love imagining the people who have lived there before, and creating a home for the next family to come. I am not a franchise, nor a nationwide company looking to take advantage of someone during a difficult time in his or her life. I CARE about your story. I am a local mom on a mission (M.O.M.) whose passion is returning homes to their former glory for a new family to love. I will ensure that you are fairly compensated and you can be confident in knowing that someone who CARES, someone who knows just how much a home can mean, is taking care of the house that you or your family member once loved. *Please note that I am not a real estate agent. I do not sell homes, only buy them!* 

A little more about me

I have loved houses for as long as I can remember! Big small, ugly, pretty, quaint to quirky. I get my love of homes from my dad, who was enamored with classical architecture and Victorian doorknobs (hey, we all have our "thing"), and my eye and vision for making just about anything pretty from my mom, a florist. Houses are where life happens and I love to respect the families and artistic visions that came before while creating an updated space for a new family to call home.  I WOULD LOVE TO SPEAK WITH YOU ABOUT BUYING YOUR HOME! Keep scrolling for contact info, I can't wait to hear from you!


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I love people and their stories as much as the house that they are calling about. Please reach out and see if we could be a match!

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Please feel free to call or text any time. If I miss you, I will get back to you shortly. You may also contact me using the button below, or email me directly at carly@lovebuycreatehome.com. I can't wait to hear from you!